Friend arrested for DUI in the driveway

Q: My friend is going through the process of his second DUI. He is not convicted yet. He was sighted again this past Sunday for a possible dui and possession of a controlled substance. What happened was he was drunk at a friend’s house, his phone died so he went to charge it in his truck. This was a private driveway. The cop approached told him to get out of his vehicle (private property) proceeded to search him without consent. Mind you this is the same arresting officer from the second DUI, and he hates my friend.

A: Hire an attorney and fight the case. If the vehicle is still in the driveway, without the engine running and he was not attempting to drive, you may have a defense. These cases are tricky and can turn on the smallest details. However, it sounds like he may have an operability defense, a defense of the vehicle not being on a public street and perhaps even probable cause.

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