How do evict freeloaders when Father dies?

Q: I am the executrix of my father’s estate. There are grandchildren living with him for free. It seems like they’re trying to keep some of their siblings there all the time. I am trying to find out what I need to do to execute my father’s wishes when the time comes. (Jefferson Hills, PA)

A: It would really benefit you to sit down with an estate lawyer now with whom you can share all in information I would need to fully advise you. Your father has not died yet, but when you become Executor, you have full power and in fact the duty to preserve and marshal all estate assets. If the house is an estate asset, it needs to be prepared for sale unless it is devised (given) to the heirs that are freeloading in it. Preparing it for sale would involve requiring these people to leave, removing the contents, cleaning it and getting it on the market. If these people will not leave the home voluntarily, or otherwise become an obstacle, you will likely have to follow the law and evict them through the court. Your estate attorney can guide you through all of this.

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