How do I get my son off my deed?

Q: I have a legal mess on my hands. Me and my son co-own a home. He has done over $15,000 worth of damage to a home we co-own. I had Service Master in here and got a quote. It is a biohazard environment due to his needles, urine, feces and any type of valuable scrap metal he ripped off the home to sell for drugs. We both pitched in $15,000 each for the home. He has done nothing but devalue the home. What legal rights do I have. I currently have a PFA on him due to the past year of receiving 5 beatings for money. I am disabled and no can no longer take this somebody please advise.

A: As far as what you can do about the physical abuse from your son, you can file for a Protection from Abuse Order, which it sounds like you have done. You can also file criminal charges if he assaults you or threatens you with serious bodily injury. As for getting him off the deed to the house, there are two ways this can be done. The easiest way is for him to sign a new deed to you. The other way is through court by filing an Action for Partition of Real Estate. This type of suit can be expensive and time consuming.

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