How does a wife reverse a court ordered guardianship?

Q: My mom asked the court if she could be a guardian over her husband because he was taking money out of the bank and misplacing it. He was making bad buying decisions etc. He was also very sick at the time and needed to seek medical attention, but we were unable to get him to go to the hospital. He is now staying in the basement of my mom’s house and we all take care of him. She was granted guardian over my dad but then she does not like the fact that she has to ask the court every time she has to make decisions for my dad, such as paying for certain things for him, writing end of the year reports, etc. They have been married for almost 60 years and she feels like she should not have to asked permission for every little thing. How can she get the court ordered guardianship reversed? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: If a person does not want or cannot serve as a Guardian, a substitute or successor Guardian can be appointed. I assume a lawyer assisted your mother in being appointed Guardian, so my advice would be to contact that lawyer and ask if he can file a Petition for Successor Guardian.

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