Does ATF need to be present if the loan holder closes an account?

Q: My sister is ATF on my father’s account and my father is thinking of disrupting our inheritances now before he passes away. Does she need to be present for him to do so? (Uniontown, PA)

A: I think calling in the ATF is a bit drastic. I am not sure what “ATF” means to you. I associate it with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. If you mean, POA as in Power of Attorney, I can answer your query. The person who appoints an Agent to act on his behalf under a POA is called the Principal. Generally, the Principal (in your case your father) can do as he pleases even after they have appointed someone as their Agent (your sister) on a POA. If the person is declared disabled or incompetent, then the powers of the POA come into effect.

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