How long will my baby’s father be locked up?

Q: If I call the cops on my baby father and he get locked up, but he is on parole will he do time even if it isn’t his fault? I got mad at him, called the cops and got him locked up for nothing. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: If baby’s father was arrested, there is a good chance he was detained on a parole violation. Being detained means he will have to sit in jail until this new case with you as a victim is resolved. Once it is resolved, he will still sit in jail until the parole board or parole or probation judge schedules a detainer hearing. If the jurisdiction is with a county judge, meaning he is on probation with a judge, you may want to see if a criminal defense attorney can file a motion to lift detainer. This would allow him to be released from jail pending his probation violation hearing. The Public Defender does not handle petitions to life probation or parole detainers. This may take a while.

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