I blew .11. This I s my second DUI in 10 years

Q: My business and all my vehicles are registered in PA but I live in another state. Will I have to do house arrest at the address that my license says or can I make a move and change the address before all this stuff comes down. I don’t want to put burden on my parents. It happened January 3rd. I assume I will have to go to school and might have to get one of those breath thingies in my car. I’m scared, frankly. (Boardman, OH)

A: It will be treated as a second DUI as it is within ten (10) years of the last one. As such, the statute reads 30 days to 6 months imprisonment and a $750 to $3000 fine. Of course, you will have other fines and costs, have a CRN evaluation and attend safe driving classes. If it is Allegheny County, you may be eligible for house arrest. Allegheny County will transfer your probation to the out of state county in which you live. What might be tricky, is transferring house arrest, electronic home monitoring. If the county in your state does not have such a set up, the Allegheny County probation office may not transfer it and you will have to set up a residence in Allegheny County, or do jail or alternative housing in Allegheny County.

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