I recently received Criminal Complaint with several inconsistencies

 Q: I was pulled over and received a police criminal complaint in the mail. I did everything by the book when I was pulled over. They have my name wrong multiple times, the year of my vehicle and there are inconsistencies with the time of the incident. Also, they have that I had told them that I do not have proof of insurance, but I do and when I told him it would take me a minute to find it. They told me not to worry about it and in the report, they have that I did not have it whatsoever, but that is not part of the charges, so it may be irrelevant. (Monroeville, PA)

A: Mistakes and typos in legal documents, believe it or not, are not unusual. However, I would note these inconsistencies and tell them to your lawyer. Proof of insurance is not really an issue if you were not charged but bring proof of insurance to the hearing in case it is mentioned.

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