Am I stuck with $6000 funeral bill?

Q: My cousin died 11/18/18 and was buried. He had no funeral insurance or assets. Since I lived with him and was his health guardian I’m stuck with funeral bill. I am on social security, age 67 health issues and stuck with a $6000 bill and no way to pay unless payment schedule is made. I hope someone can assist me. The Funeral home is pressuring me. (Glassport, PA)

A: It won’t be the first time a Funeral Director was “stiffed” for a bill. You must read everything before signing it. Unless you signed to pay for the funeral bill, you are not liable just because you are his cousin. If you did not sign, your cousin’s estate is liable for the bill. Ask the funeral guys to show you the contract that you signed and take it to an attorney. If you did sign this, and you are liable, they will have to sue you unless they negotiate a payment plan with you. The attorney can advise you on whether it is worth defending. On the other hand, the funeral directors need paid like everyone else. If you don’t feel good about walking away from this and you truly want to pay, they will work out a payment plan. They may be very agreeable to payments if they know you are not legally liable for the bill.

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