I walked off my job and am being threatened with a lawsuit

Q: I was employed as a Customer Support person at an online shoe company. I walked off the job after less than 2 months because of suspected illegal activity taking place. I’m now being threatened with a lawsuit regarding theft of an inventory list. Their attorney is making a claim that they have documented proof that I was intending to harm their business along with a coworker. We did decide to walk out at the same time, but we were both in our 90-day probationary period and according to documents I signed but never received a copy of, within our legal right to do so. The beginning of the attorney’s demand letter is also completely inaccurate. It states that my primary role with this company was inventory at their West Mifflin warehouse. I was hired for customer support and have never stepped foot in the warehouse as I worked remotely from another location. My only task involving inventory was to count a few handbags. I believe this is the inventory sheet they’re referring to. I didn’t remove the list from the building knowingly. I left it on my desk, along with the key that I had, and now they’re claiming there is no list. (Jefferson Hills, PA)

A:  First, you need to not talk about it on-line, or with any other person except the lawyer you choose to represent you. If you are called by a police detective, store representative or an insurance claim person, direct the call to your lawyer. Keep and gather any evidence you can as it will help your attorney. You may want to contact an employment attorney.

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