Is there a time limit to file an Omnibus pretrial motion?

Q: This is in the state of PA for a criminal case. I was caught in PA for a DUI, which I am contesting and handling myself until I can find suitable counsel. I left my Formal Arraignment the other day with a paper saying I had a time deadline to file the Omnibus Motion. I need to get my lab results to a lab because I suspect they will be tampered with. I also want all the evidence against me. (Sharpsburg, MD)

A: Allegheny County and many other counties, do not strictly enforce the 30-day rule. To preclude further discovery based on a technical time limit would be a denial of due process, so most courts do not enforce the rule. The point is for the defense to not wait until too close to trial to file discovery motions as this may cause the defense to continue the case, or even be precluded if the court feels the defense is intentionally stalling. Get your discovery motion in as soon as you can. Normally, you need to review the DA’s discovery first.  I suggest hiring a lawyer to represent you.

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