Kicked out of home. Can I emancipate myself?

Q: What are the odds that a homeless teen that has been kicked out of their home will be able to legally emancipate them self? And if there is a good chance it will happen, is there a way for them to get financial aid of some sort to pay for a lawyer? Homeless people don’t have much money.

A: I am assuming you are under age 18? Proving emancipation is not easy, as you have to convince a judge you can support yourself which very few teenagers can do, at least in the eyes of a judge. The judge may say to you, if you are so self sufficient, why do you need someone else to pay for a lawyer. On the other hand, if you are truly homeless and want support, and there are valid reasons that you cannot return home other than you just don’t like it, you may be able to get Children Youth and Families to file a dependency action for you. You can call the courts or Kids Voice in Pittsburgh for help. (Pittsburgh, PA)

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