Landlord is selling the building and enters my apartment without my consent.

Q: My landlord wants access to my apartment while I I’m not there, is that allowed? What are the rules/rights do I have?He’s selling the house, has been for 4 years, and keeps coming to inspect it to make sure it is ready to be shown. I only have a problem because he keeps coming in when I not home,(I’m single & have two kids that live there) even when I told he I need notice, he doesn’t care, he just texts and shows up. Not ever waiting for me to answer back, or when I do answer & tell him I not going to be there or that my teenage son is there by himself he comes in anyway. What are my rights?

A: The PA standard is “reasonable notice” for a landlord to enter a tenant’s apartment. Unless the lease specifies terms of entry to the unit by the landlord you are stuck with this standard. Reasonable is obviously subject to interpretation, so 2:00 am obviously is not reasonable. You should expect reasonable from this landlord. If he continues, send him a certified letter expressing your concerns and what times are best for you. You may need a copy of this letter some day of you end up in court.

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