Is there a centralized on-line data base to check civil judgments?

Q: Is there an online database for civil credit card debt judgments?Mail has been received from a collection company stating that I owe on a credit card that was charged off. I searched the court reference website and cannot find any record of a civil judgment against me. There is one note that records prior to 1994 are available but this would have made me 16 at the oldest. Can I find the judgment information in any other source online?

A: To check judgments against you in Allegheny County, visit the Department of Records in the City-County Building in downtown Pittsburgh, or, look on line on Allegheny County DCR. This takes care of Allegheny County. If there are judgments against you in other states and counties, there is no centralized data base that I know of. For that you may want to obtain a credit report.

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