My son’s father just got his 2nd DUI

Q: My son’s father just got his second DUI. The first was pretty bad. He had a fleeing and eluding charge that was dropped to a misdemeanor in exchange for 2 months in jail on work release. This time he crashed into someone’s garage, totaled his car, damaged the homes garage and both vehicles inside it. His BAC was a .167 the 1st offense. This time it’s a .141. He has a relatively long criminal record. With a public defender (or per se) how much time could he be facing? (Kittanning, PA)

A:  A second DUI with a BAC between .10 and .159 calls for a minimum sentence of 30 days in jail. Not every county handles their DUI sentencing the same. In the larger counties, there generally are more options for alternative housing and electronic home monitoring. His prior sentence will probably foreshadow his new sentence so if I had to guess I would guess he may get 6 months in jail with some portion of it being work release. He will also have another driver’s license suspension, at least for one year. You really need to talk to an Armstrong County DUI attorney for a more specific answer.

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