Parole detainer. How long can they keep her?

Q: My wife is in jail for parole detainer. She’s been in jail since February. How long can they keep her? What can I do to get her out?

A:  A lot of men in your situation would want to keep the wife in jail as long as possible so I commend you on your concern. I am assuming this is a county sentence or a state sentence for which the county trial judge still has jurisdiction. Her first chance of being released is at the 1st violation hearing. Her next chance is at the 2nd violation hearing. If she is found to be in violation of probation at the second hearing, the judge can sentence her to a jail sentence of the balance of her parole . This is a general answer. You need an attorney to look at the case details to really give an opinion. If you feel there are good reasons to have the detainer lifted so she can be released to your home, or released on electronic monitoring prior to the first or last hearing, you need to hire a lawyer to file a motion to lift detainer or motion to transfer to house arrest. An attorney can review the specific situation and tell you if it is worth filing a motion.


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