Does he have to pay remaining bills?

Q: Family member with dementia was victimized by a caregiver who ran up lots of bills in his. Most have been paid off but there are a few left. He now lives with his daughter in Greensburg and is ill and in a nursing home. He has no assets except a retirement account and needs that to live on. Can he be sued for these bills?

A: Probably not. Speak to an attorney. Notification of his financial status or the fact that he is on Medicaid (if he is in fact on Medicaid) to the creditors may be enough to ward them off. However, do not don’t count on it. Whatever you do, do not give them or anybody you care about a cell phone number as they will harass to no end. You may want to have a certified letter sent to the creditors informing them of his status. Your friend may also want to appoint his daughter or another family member appointed as his guardian to speak and act on his behalf.

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