Q. Can I get a public urination citation expunged? Hello, I’m a 19 year old student attending Penn State University. A couple weekends ago I had too much to drink and while I was in an apartment building, I decided to urinate in the stairwell and in the laundry room and it was all documented on video footage. I just received the citation and plan pleading guilty and paying the fine because I don’t think I can fight it. It’s my first criminal offense besides a speeding ticket. If I remain out of trouble until I turn 21, could I get this charge expunged from my permanent record?

A. If you plead guilty to this or are found guilty, you will have to wait until 5 years of arrest free behavior until you can expunge this conviction. You really should get an attorney. Most of the time, an attorney can help to avoid a conviction for you, being your first offense. You don’t need a conviction on your record for 5 years. It will most assuredly be a negative impact on your schooling and job search.

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