Q: Should I plead guilty or not guilty to public urination? I received a citation for public urination while very intoxicated in Pittsburgh, PA. I refused to sign the citation and would not give them my SSN. I started arguing with the cop but ultimately still got home with only a citation. What should I plea?

A: You should not plead guilty by checking the box on the reverse side of the subpoena and sending your money in. If you don’t have a criminal record, an attorney may help to get you out of this with no record. If not, a summary conviction will result in a criminal record and cannot be expunged until you have completed 5 years of arrest free behavior.

How do I keep a young girl away from taking advantage of my 87 year old father?

Q: While in a rehabilitation hospital, my father was getting taken care of by a young 29 something girl. After he left there, she managed to get his address and phone number. She has been to the house and calls him every day. This has been going on for seven months now. My mother has passed away so we moved my father to an assisted living facility 4 hours away from this girl. He is telling my sister and I that he loves her and is in love. She has got him convinced that he needs to go back to his house. There is money and property missing from the house and he keeps telling us that she is his friend. We are just so afraid that she is taking advantage of him but we don’t know what to do. He cannot live in the house alone. Any advice or direction would be go greatly appreciated

A: If he is mentally clear, there is little you can do except this. If you are sure money is missing, you can see if a police officer will take a report and at least talk to this girl. Not all police departments will do this, but some will. This may shake her up a bit. Dad should have a Power of Attorney at this point in his life so you need to talk to him and see if you can get him to a local attorney in order to address this. If you or someone in the family can serve as his Agent on a POA, you can file the POA with all the financial institutions where he has money on deposit and inform them to notify the Agent if any large or suspicious withdrawals are attempted. If your father is not clear headed and you cannot get him to sign a POA, then your only option besides letting this girl know she is being watched and hoping she will get the message and go away is to file for a Guardianship of your father in court. This is somewhat expensive and requires the assistance of a lawyer. I would sit down with a lawyer and discuss all of the facts before you decide what to do.


Q. Can I get a public urination citation expunged? Hello, I’m a 19 year old student attending Penn State University. A couple weekends ago I had too much to drink and while I was in an apartment building, I decided to urinate in the stairwell and in the laundry room and it was all documented on video footage. I just received the citation and plan pleading guilty and paying the fine because I don’t think I can fight it. It’s my first criminal offense besides a speeding ticket. If I remain out of trouble until I turn 21, could I get this charge expunged from my permanent record?

A. If you plead guilty to this or are found guilty, you will have to wait until 5 years of arrest free behavior until you can expunge this conviction. You really should get an attorney. Most of the time, an attorney can help to avoid a conviction for you, being your first offense. You don’t need a conviction on your record for 5 years. It will most assuredly be a negative impact on your schooling and job search.