Sold 6.5 grams of marijuana and got a felony

Q: This happened 10 years ago when I attended Penn State. I have had no trouble since. Even the D.A. later said “usually you get a choice of either a misdemeanor and a few months of jail or a felony and no jail time. Well he was the D.A., so I am sure he did not have my interest foremost in his mind. When I got sentenced his assistant DA was the one at my case. I served my sentence but now the felony is ruining my chances of a good life. How can they give me a felony if the guidelines say a misdemeanor for anything under 30g’s? What can I do? (Monroeville, PA)

A:  It sounds like you pleaded guilty to a felony for delivery. Regardless of the amount, a delivery is a delivery and always a felony. I don’t practice in your county and in my county, this case probably would have been worked out to a misdemeanor or even a summary. Since this happened 10 years ago, you have missed your appeal deadline of 30 days and your rights under the PA Post Conviction Relief Act, which require filing within one-year of conviction. Unfortunately, your only option is a pardon.

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