Son’s Probation Officer Says I Can’t Have Firearms in MY House

Q: My 19yr old step-son who still resides in MY house just got two years of probation. His probation officer is telling him I’m not allowed to have MY firearms in MY house while he’s on probation and living here. MY firearms are locked in a steel safe and I’m the only one who knows the combination. Don’t I have any rights here? What are my options?

A: Obviously, unless you are precluded from possessing firearms under PA or Federal law, you may keep an entire arsenal in your home. However, if it is a condition of your step-son’s probation that he may not live in a home where firearms are kept, he cannot live there while on probation. This law is not directed to you, but to him. Your options are to transfer possession of the guns to another person, transfer your son to another person whose home is acceptable to probation, or, have an attorney file a motion with your son’s judge to lift this condition of his probation.

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