What is the punishment for answering wrong on a firearm application in PA?

Q: Record only shows a juvenile misdemeanor. He was not aware that his juvenile record would count against him. He thought that would be fine by now. He went to buy a rifle and he answered a question wrong. Now he is going to court. What is the prognosis on this? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: To answer your question the best I can with this limited information, I will assume your son’s juvenile conviction was a misdemeanor 2 or greater, it appears on his criminal history and it is not an offense that can be expunged after he reached age 21. Based on these assumptions, he can be charged with 18 PA. C.S. Sec. 6111, Sale or Transfer of Firearms, a Felony 3. He can also be charged with 18 Pa. C.S. Sec 4904, Unsworn Falsification to Authorities, which is a Misdemeanor 3. I have some luck with these cases in my county based on how poorly written and confusing the question on the “Firearm Transaction Record” is. I suggest he hire a lawyer to investigate his prior offense and to represent him on these charges.

False information to Medicaid

Q: If I told Medicaid I had rented instead of owning the property, and was approved. With today’s new health care changes, am I ok?

A: Providing false information to obtain Medicaid benefits unfortunately is a crime. Medicaid could take action to recover payments they wrongfully made based on that information, by having you charged with the crimes of theft and fraud and/or suing you in civil court. If by “today’s new health care changes” you are referring to the Affordable Care Act, it has no bearing on the fraud and overpayment issue.