How can I get a 27-year-old felony exhumed in Pennsylvania?

Q: I have a 27-year-old felony. I was charged with involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault from May 1991. How can I get out of this? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: I think you are asking how to get this charge taken off you record which is called an expungement You cannot get it expunged since you were convicted, and it was a felony. Until the legislature allows expungements of felonies, you are stuck. When asked, perhaps you can put a favorable spin on it. You will need to file for a Pardon. Consult with an attorney who handles pardons.

Can he work as a CNA with prior involuntary manslaughter?

Q: I am asking this for my other half because he wants to get back in to CNA and had charges of involuntary manslaughter? Would he be able to work in PA as one? He served all his time for it and has nothing pending. (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: Not as my mother’s caretaker. Just kidding. I assume he was adjudicated guilty-either pleaded or was found guilty? If so, you need to contact the PA state board that licenses certified nursing assistants and ask them. I would think he would have to have a criminal history check and some sort of official state clearance and therefore he would be ineligible. Check www.nursinglicensure.org. They may have a Q & A section on their site or a contact number. Good luck.