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Can I write my ex, who was my co-defendant, if the case is closed?

Q: Me and my ex caught some serious charges of robbery and burglary. I got a lesser sentence because I did not enter the house. He got sentenced to state prison. Now that the case is closed am I able to write him at least? I am currently on two years-probation for this case. I have lots to tell him and I would like to write to him. (Clymer, PA)

A:  If it is not a condition of his or your probation to have no contact, you probably can. You may want to ask your attorney before you do so. If you state things in writing relating to the case that would be contrary to your prior sworn statements, it could open you up to criminal prosecution (i.e., False Statements to Law Enforcement or Perjury if you ever testified). Please remember, the mail is opened at the jail before he receives it.

Can a minor be charged with perjury?

Q: Can a minor be charged with perjury in Pennsylvania? Judge reports at least 2 statements made by her, which are false and can be easily disproven. Such statements were given considerable weight in a trial. She’s almost 17, can she be prosecuted? (Baldwin, PA)

A: Not sure if you are saying the judge found her statements to be false, or, she made two statements to the judge, which you know and think you can prove to be false. If you can prove that they are false, it may be possible for her to be charged for false statements in Juvenile Court with the filing of a Delinquency Petition by the police or Juvenile Probation. You can review it with Police or DA to see if they are interested. Normally, they do not go after minors with these types of cases, but I cannot say for sure if that will be the result for you.