What can I do?

Q: I have been charged with driving without a license. The problem is my younger brother and his girlfriend used my identification. I now have a warrant for my arrest and a fine to pay, My brother is currently in jail and his girlfriend lives in Washington, PA What can I do? (Bridgeville, PA)

A: Driving without a license or driving under a suspended license are summary offenses. I am surprised there is a warrant but will assume you are correct. I imagine there is a warrant for not showing at a hearing. If you missed a District Justice level hearing, you might call the District Justice Office and explain what happened. They may reschedule you. If not, they likely tell you to turn yourself in. Without knowing more, and assuming this is a summary offense, I don’t think you will go to jail when you turn yourself in to the DJ. However, you will decrease your chances of going to jail by working with an attorney.

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