What to do if your arrested for a crime you didn’t commit?

Q: I was arrested for supposedly forging someone’s name and theft by deception. They say I went to a jewelry store with a yellow slip and picked up a ring and signed the victim’s name. They showed the victim a picture. She snapped a picture with her phone, then posted it to social media. She then supposedly received a message from me on social media, but I never sent any message. because of that message told the officer my name. The officer then looked through JNET and PennDOT to finds my picture and he says it matches the person in video. But I have an alibi for that day. (Wexford, PA)

A: You can be arrested on another person’s word and belief that you committed a crime, even if you didn’t. I advise you to make no statements to anyone, not only police, but anyone. Also, gather your evidence and preserve it. If you have an Alibi defense in that you were at another location in the company of others at the time, get those persons names and contact information and any other evidence including video, time cards, receipts, etc. If the mistaken identity defense does not knock the case ouy early on, there is some interesting law on the use of social media as evidence that you may benefit from. Most importantly, get an attorney and share all the information with him or her. If you cannot afford one, sign up for the Public Defender.

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