Will girlfriend violate probation in PA for DUI if arrested before probation in PA?

Q: My friend got a double DUI here in Pennsylvania all the court stuff is done. My friend is on probation but my friend got a DUI in Georgia before my friend even was on probation here but their court system is slow there and she just recently got the charges reduced to exercise of due care a slap on the wrist no DUI. But, with that, is that a violation of probation in Pennsylvania even though my friend got in trouble in Georgia before trouble in pa but Georgia’s court done after getting probation here. (Munhall, PA)

A: I think what you are asking is, can one be in violation of probation on the first case for committing a new offense, if the person was not sentenced on first case before getting arrested for the new offense? The answer would be no. The new offense would not violate probation on the first case if probation on the first case didn’t start running. Your friend should review the details with her PA attorney to be certain of the dates.

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