Will I get arrested for lying about drugs on Facebook messenger?

Q: I was trying to convince someone I was messed up so they would leave me alone so I said I was having sex for heroin. After I blocked the man (from Florida) on Facebook he drove to Green Tree (Pittsburgh) and messaged me after I told him I wanted no further contact and said he was going to the DA’s office to report prostitution. I was wondering if I could be arrested for that even though I have no drugs in my system. I was trying to get him to think I was too sick to be involved with him because he wanted me to move with him to Florida when I barely know him. He knows a lot about the legal system though which scares me. (Greentree, PA)

A:  If he is someone that trolls for sex on the internet and is desperate enough to drive to Pittsburgh from Florida for it, it is doubtful he will speak to law enforcement regarding his interactions with you. His threat of reporting you is just more manipulation that he hopes you will fall for. He probably knows the criminal justice system because he has been through it. His actions also sound closer to extortion and harassment.

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