Will I go to jail for being arrested on bond?

Q: Will I get arrested when I report to pre trial services because I got a possession charge due to a heroin overdose? I was released with condition of reporting to pre trial services from Allegheny county jail on a conspiracy charge. I am not on probation. What if I sign into rehab for help instead of reporting to pre trial services but call & let them know where I am?

A:  You need to take care of yourself as a priority. If you truly feel you are at risk if not entering a rehabilitation facility, enter the facility. It is best to be honest with pretrial services whether you enter a facility or not. Pretrial services may only recommend a more stringent bond condition such as screening and intense drug and alcohol counseling. On the other hand they could revoke your bond and take you before a judge. You may do better with a lawyer who you can explain all of the facts. I really cannot give any certain answer without knowing more.

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