Will Medicare, if requested, give us a detailed list of money spent on mother-in-law?

Q: We are trying to get a range of money Medicare is going to try and recoup after her death. This will also help us decide on decisions we need to make regarding her assets that she has. Thank you

A: Generally, Medicare does not initiate recovery of monies paid unless the payee collected the payments under some type of fraud, or if the payee was awarded money from an injury lawsuit while receiving Medicare payments and thus, double dipped. I think perhaps you mean Medicaid. Medicaid does have a recovery program administered through the PA Department of Public Welfare. When a person enters a nursing home with insufficient funds to pay for care or their funds become depleted while in care, they may have to apply for Medicaid funding. Medicaid can have a lien on all personal and real property of the applicant and expect the financial contribution of the market value of those assets in order for the person to be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid liens most commonly can be enforced against a home when there is no spouse or disabled or minor child living in the home. If a person feels a loved one may need Medicaid funding in the future it is very wise to consult with an attorney regarding careful financial planning so at least a portion of the person’s assets can be sheltered from Medicaid. You have the legal right to get information from Medicare or Medicaid as long as you are authorized to do so. If a Power of Attorney or a standard Release is needed for you to obtain this information, Medicare or Medicaid will let you know which you need.

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