Can my boyfriend evict me from my house if we both own it?

Q: My boyfriend and I own a house. He owns 80% and I own 20%. I recently had a heart attack and am disabled. I have been the only one working for the past 16 years and we have two daughters that live in the home with us. He says because he is a majority owner, he can just kick me out. Is that true? (West Newton, PA)

A: What a guy. To answer your question, no. Based on your facts, I will assume you are in fact an owner as tenants in common. That is the only legal tenancy that would permit percentages to be owned. As having an equitable interest in the house, even if smaller than his, he cannot evict you from real estate that you own. If he persists being an 80% owner, strike a deal with him whereby you share the kitchen and bathroom, as they are essential, and section off 20% of the home with a TV, couch and your favorite amenities and stay away from him. The kids will probably hang out with you

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