Can I possess and buy a gun in PA after two DUI’s?

Q: I got my first DUI on 8/12/15 section 3802c dui bac .16+ with no ARD. Then I got another DUI 5 months later 2/6/16 which was a tier 2 but it was dropped to a tier 1 It is listed as a section 3802a1, DUI general impairment. I asked my probation officer if I was permitted to own or buy a gun. He said that I could because they were just minor misdemeanors. Some say you can’t but he said I could. I just want to make sure I cross my t’s and dot my i’s. I’m still on probation for 3 months. I’d love to hunt again if I can.

A: If this second DUI pleaded to was a misdemeanor 2 or above, you cannot possess a firearm in PA. You may want to consider bow hunting?

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