Am I entitled to my deceased mom’s share of my deceased grandma’s estate?

Q: My grandma died 8 years ago and named my aunt the executor of her estate. My grandma’s house remains unsold. My mom died 6 months ago and I am her only child. When the house is sold, am I entitled to my mom’s share of the proceeds from the house sale? Or does it go to the only remaining surviving children? I don’t know if there is a will.

A: It depends. If your mother was an heir of her mother by intestate succession or an heir in her mother’s will, then, if you were an intestate heir or an heir named in your mother’s will, you may inherit the house or a portion of it. However, I nor any other attorney can answer this properly without knowing all of the facts. I suggest you consult with an attorney and do it now. If this house is just sitting there and no one has paid inheritance tax on it, there could be problems.


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