How can we unload a piece of real estate?

Q: We have a piece of property that is zoned commercial/residential. We’ve tried to sell it but were not successful. We are not in the financial position to keep paying taxes on a piece of land that we don’t need. If we can’t sell it what can we do to unload it? It’s in White Oak, Pa.

A: I am assuming there is no mortgage involved. You can try harder to sell it. Put a sign on it that says “best offer” You can just stop paying taxes but need to confirm that the taxing entities will not come back at you for a deficiency. You should consult with a lawyer. If you cannot afford one, call the borough manager or tax collector and see if they will work something out with you. Perhaps the borough will accept a deed from you. Beware of not paying taxes and municipal services. Non-payment can result in interest, penalties and lawyer fees accruing which can turn into a big ugly bill and you being sued by the taxing entities.

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