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Employer won’t pay me!

Q: I contacted my past employer for unpaid wages. It’s been a month and I’ve sent a letter demanding pay. The manager stated it has been mailed multiple times in the past but I still have not received the check. This has not only led to me not getting paid for the holiday season. I was also delinquent and fined for not paying contractually obligated payments due to not having the funds in the bank. Is there any legal recourse I can take to not only get my original check but compensation for delinquency? (Greentree, PA)

A:  An attorney would need more facts to determine if the employer’s actions rise to the level needed for them to be civilly liable for late payments. If you are still not paid, contact the PA Department of Labor and Industry, Wage and Hour division. They can do everything from giving you advice to filing a claim against the employer for you.

How can we unload a piece of real estate?

Q: We have a piece of property that is zoned commercial/residential. We’ve tried to sell it but were not successful. We are not in the financial position to keep paying taxes on a piece of land that we don’t need. If we can’t sell it what can we do to unload it? It’s in White Oak, Pa.

A: I am assuming there is no mortgage involved. You can try harder to sell it. Put a sign on it that says “best offer” You can just stop paying taxes but need to confirm that the taxing entities will not come back at you for a deficiency. You should consult with a lawyer. If you cannot afford one, call the borough manager or tax collector and see if they will work something out with you. Perhaps the borough will accept a deed from you. Beware of not paying taxes and municipal services. Non-payment can result in interest, penalties and lawyer fees accruing which can turn into a big ugly bill and you being sued by the taxing entities.