Why am I not serving a 60-day license suspension?


Q: I have a DUI back from May/June. PennDot claims to have never received the case file from the court in November. I had to call PennDot and the Court multiple times to find out why I hadn’t received my 60-day suspension following my Hearing & ARD admission. PennDot never received the case information. I called the Court and had them resend the case information. Seven days later I receive two letters, one saying I have 3 points for careless driving and another telling me that my license will not be suspended. First offense, accepted into ARD, I had a .193 BAC. Why am I not serving a 60 day license suspension?

A: With a .193 BAC it should be a 60-day suspension unless you pleaded guilty to only a 3802 (a) (1) General Impairment. If you received ARD in Allegheny County, the summary offense, in your case, the careless driving, would have been withdrawn. It is weird. I would keep the letters for your records. Also, keep copies in the glove box in the event you are pulled over by the police. You could just roll with what you have. Or, you can call PennDOT, it is up to you.


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