Is this a 2nd or 3rd DUI?

Q: My 1st DUI was in 2004. I got the ARD program. My 2nd DUI was in 2012. I had house arrest, probation and 12-month license suspension. My 3rd DUI was in December 2017. Will this count as a 3rd offense, or the 2nd again since the 1st was over 10 years ago? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A:  For sentencing purposes, this is a second DUI. You have spread them out but not enough to clear the requisite 10 years on each to get an ARD card. As noted, the DA will inform the judge at sentencing that it is your third overall DUI. The DA will consider the fact that this is your third and as such may recommend the higher end of the sentencing guidelines. All is not lost. You may be eligible for DUI hotel or house arrest.

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