On probation for Felony. Now, two new DUI charges!

Q: What if while on a felony probation, someone gets a DUI for drugs, then a few months later gets 2nd DUI for alcohol? My nephew, while on a felony probation, wrecked and totaled three cars while under the influence of heroin. Then 5 months later he got a 2nd DUI for driving under the influence of alcohol. Can you tell me what type of consequences he is facing? He is being held in jail awaiting the hearings for these offenses. Thank you.

A: He could face violation time from his probation judge. I am not sure if his bond is holding him in jail, or a probation warrant/detainer. On the two DUI’s, assuming he has no prior DUIs within the past 10 years, they will both be treated as a first if he didn’t plead on the first one yet. In Allegheny County they may offer him a Phoenix deal which will be DUI hotel for a weekend and all the normal fees and charges and probation that comes with a DUI. He may also be able to get house arrest. As for the probation judge, that judge may hold him as his behavior is certainly consistent with someone that has an out of control substance abuse problem. If the probation judge will continue to hold him, you may want to consult with an attorney about the chances of filing a motion to permit him to transfer to a rehabilitation facility pending the violation hearing.


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