I have a shy bladder. Will they still make me do urine screens?

Q: I’m on probation in PA and have a shy bladder that doesn’t allow me to give urine around people. Is there anything I can do? As I said I have a condition where I simply cannot urinate in presence of people. I understand this is an excuse given by many people who simply do not want to give a “hot” urine. This however is not my case. Legally, can they violate me for my condition? I really need some help. (Venetia, PA)

A: The Probation Officer, and even likely the court, will not believe you. You will need your doctor to put this condition of yours in writing. If your doctor does this and his opinion sounds credible to the court, perhaps an alternative can be offered for you. However, I must caution you, that I have clients and am around people who are ordered to be tested in Family Court and Criminal Court. I have never seen anyone get out of testing with this argument. Again, I think you will need a letter from a physician.

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