Son got a DUI. He wants to be a teacher

Q: My son (21) just got DUI. He is a college student preparing to be teacher. This is his first offense ever. He has to fill out a teaching clearance. The Arrest Report form asks about reportable offenses. The DUI just happened, and we don’t have police report yet – not sure what actual charges will be. Since this is his first offence, how horrible will this be? How will it affect his chances to become a teacher? Someone mentioned ARD. He’s devastated. What should he say on the arrest certification form? (Kennedy Township, PA)

A:  He will most likely be offered ARD. With ARD he will never have to say he was convicted as there is no adjudication. If asked if he was arrested, he would have to say yes. If asked if he was ever convicted of a crime he can answer no-as long as he successfully completes ARD. If questioned further, he would say he was admitted to the ARD program. After completion of ARD, his arrest record will be expunged, at least in Allegheny County.

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