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Question about act 122?

Q: Can you complete act 122 without the parole office? I’m not on parole, also what is 21cf sent to PennDOT versus act 122? (Pittsburgh, PA)

A: You receive Act 122 clearance once all your drug and or alcohol treatment has been completed and all fines have been paid. You need to tell your probation officer. The DL-21DF is a PennDOT form which is sent by your County Clerk of Courts to notify PennDOT that all costs and fine have been paid. You can also call the Allegheny County Clerk of Courts and ask to speak to the Act 122 person.

Will an intense therapeutic of over 250 hours qualify for Act 122 for PA DL restoration?

Q: I am in an out of state prison now, due to some bad decisions that I made. I went through Therapeutic Community in the DOC. It was like brainwashing, but I was top of my class. I want to know if this is equivalent, or better than what the DUI court in Allegheny County has ordered be taken and accomplished. And if it qualifies, who do I fax completion forms to.

A: Call Allegheny County Clerk of Courts and ask for the person who handles Act 122 compliance. That person will know. You can also write to him or her.