Q: Can I be charged for something I did not do and have idea who did? A cop came to my house a couple days ago and said he was investigating an incident that happened over a year ago at a department store where sleeping bags and air mattresses were taken. He advised an employee saw someone stuffing items in a car and said it was my license plate. I have never stolen anything and he said they will check video footage to see if it was me. I said if they had video wouldn’t he have looked at it first before accusing me? And, I don’t understand why it’s been over a year and now they are questioning me about an incident that I had nothing to do with. Will I have to go to court for this. It bothers me because if it was something so serious wouldn’t they have approached me when it first happened?

A: Yes, people do get charged for crimes they didn’t commit. It does happen. If you are truly innocent, the police officer may have been given bad information and is just fishing for evidence by talking to you and others. Do not make any statements to the police or anyone else, or let them search your car or home. If they continue to contact you, hire a lawyer.

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